5 Reasons to Tint Your Car


1. Tint on your windows help you see and ultimately drive better.

The sun can be very dammaging to not only your long term health and vision, but also your short term visibility. Tinting your windows helps you see the road more clearly, free of glare or other problems that are the result of bright blinding light.

2. Tint gives you complete privacy in your vehicle.

We all know what its like to feel uncomfortable storing expensive items in your vehicle, or wanting to be free of an onlooking stranger’s gaze. Tinting your windows helps with both of those problems, reducing outsider’s ability to see inside your vehicle by as much as 90%.

3. Tint protects your upholstery from the sun.

Whether you have basic cloth seats, or you opted for the more expensive leather option, one thing is for sure: the hot sun beating down on them every single day causes wear over time. Tinting your windows can prevent as much as 90% of that harmful sunlight from entering your vehicle, increasing your interior’s lifespan drastically.

4. Tint shatter-proofs your vehicle’s glass.

In the event of an accident, auto glass is designed to break into tiny pieces to prevent sharp shards from hurting anyone involved in the accident. While this is generally a helpful addition to vehicles, this too can be dangerous, and not to mention quite a feat to clean up afterwards. Tinting your windows secures the window with a film so that when it breaks, it still sticks together, preventing shattering but maintaining the safety of the designed auto glass.

5. Tint greatly reduces the amount of heat that can enter the vehicle.

Last but not least, when its summer time and that hot sun is beating down on your driving arm, tint can greatly reduce sunburn and keep your vehicle cool, reducing energy costs and ultimatly saving you gas money.